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The 10 most under-appreciated players of the 1990s

Posted by Andy
Starting tomorrow, we'll be posting a series of the 10 most under-appreciated players of the 1990s. This will be very similar to our series from last week, just 10 years later.

Once again I got a lot of help from JA and Raphy in putting this together, even though the posts are all written by me.

Notes on a few players I thought about but didn't put on the list:
  • Rick Wilkins sticks out thanks to an insane 1993, when he posted a 6.5 WAR, close to half of his career total. Since that was his only stellar year, I didn't include him in the countdown.
  • Ron Karkovice is an under-appreciated player as well, but as his career pretty well straddled the 80s and 90s, he ended up not making either list.
  • Scott Fletcher was another near-miss for both lists. After he posted 3 different seasons with at least 3 WAR in the 80s, he put up two more in the 90s. I bet you'd never have guessed he finished with 27.2 career WAR.
  • Chris Hoiles was another fellow who I looked at. He's not remembered much outside of Baltimore but put up 7.2 WAR in 1993 and 23.4 in his career.

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