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Highest and lowest rates of swinging strikes

Posted by Andy
I've been digging in to Fangraph's site, having never looked at it in detail before. Boy, they have a lot of great stuff there. Here's a really simple one I pulled up.

In 2011, these players had the highest percentage of swinging strikes (percentages are of all pitches seen):

Name          Team            SwStr%
Miguel Olivo  Mariners        19.00%
Mark Reynolds Orioles         16.30%
Mike Stanton  Marlins         15.20%
Ryan Howard   Phillies        14.50%
Alf. Soriano  Cubs            13.70%
Josh Hamilton Rangers         13.60%
Nelson Cruz   Rangers         13.10%
Carlos Pena   Cubs            13.10%
Adam Jones    Orioles         12.90%
Kelly Johnson - - -           12.90%

And the players with the lowest percentage of swinging strikes:

Name          Team            SwStr%
Juan Pierre   White Sox        2.00%
Jamey Carroll Dodgers          2.60%
Brett Gardner Yankees          3.00%
Ian Kinsler   Rangers          3.10%
Vic. Martinez Tigers           3.30%
Plac. Polanco Phillies         3.50%
Alb. Callaspo Angels           3.70%
Martin Prado  Braves           3.90%
Darwin Barney Cubs             4.00%
Jose Reyes    Mets             4.10%

Wow, it's quite a difference, huh? Pierre saw 2,452 pitches in 2011, meaning he swung and missed just 49 times.

Did Pierre swing and miss at this pitch? Probably not.
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