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What Pujols and Wilson mean for the Angels

Posted by Andy
Let's do a little quick math here.

The 2011 Angels won 86 games.

Mark Trumbo played most of their games at 1B and put up 2.1 WAR.

Albert Pujols will, presumably, play most of their games at 1B in 2012, and in 2011 he put up 5.4 WAR in a very down year.

Joel Pineiro figures to be the odd man out with C.J. Wilson coming on board, and in 2011 Pineiro put up -1.6 WAR.

Wilson, meanwhile, put up 5.0 WAR with the Rangers in 2011.

That means that the Angels are losing 0.5 WAR by subtracting Trumbo and Pineiro and adding 10.4 WAR by adding Pujols and Wilson, pushing them to 95-96 wins projected in 2012. That should probably be enough to win the division, especially since the Rangers are themselves losing Wilson.

Got any other thoughts on the Angels? I have to write an article about them for something else, so your ideas would be appreciated :)

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