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How to post comments on this blog

Posted by Andy
I've gotten a few requests for easy directions on how to post comments, so here they are. I'm also going to put a permanent link to this post in the sidebar.

This blog uses DISQUS to manage comments. The easiest way to post comments is to create a DISQUS login, which is free, quick, and easy.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to http://disqus.com/profile/signup/ to create your account.

2. You can sign up with your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google (Gmail) account, or create your account using any one of your email addresses. You can stop at this point and simply login in to the comment box on any blog post. Continue reading for more customization options.

3. After you create your login, you'll be taken to a dashboard screen. You'll see the username you just created in the upper right corner. If you click on the down arrow, you'll see an option to "Edit Profile". Click on that.

4. Here, you can set your "Full Name" to whatever you want. This is the name that will be displayed whenever you make a comment. Mine, for example, is "Andy" but you can make yours whatever you want.

5. On the left, click on "Avatar". Here you will find options for uploading a profile picture if you wish to have one.

6. On the left, click on "Notifications". Here you can set options to receive email notifications of new comments on the blog (following the rules at the bottom of the window.) This is really useful, because you can also reply to comments by email and they get posted to the blog.

Check around--there are other things you can set if you wish.

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