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Welcome Raphy

Posted by Andy
I'm pleased to announce that Raphy has come on board as an author.


  1. I feel like a St. Louis Terriers fan on Christmas morning 1913! Who else is going to make the jump?

  2. For now, the current crew is what we'll go forward with.

  3. Leave it to Kahuna Tuna to make a Federal case out of this!

    BTW, could we make that "Christmas morning 1914"? I can't help noticing that the Terriers finished last in the FL that first year; in December '14, they picked up Eddie Plank, and won the pennant in '15.

  4. @1, maybe you should switch names to Kauffuna Tuna

  5. If we're talking about the 1914 Terriers, I think I'd do better with Kahuna Grooma.

  6. Welcome, Raphy (and John)!

    B-R describes the 1915 Terriers as a first place team on the team page, but I believe that's incorrect. The Terriers (87-67,.565) led the league in wins, but the Chicago Whales (86-66,.566) led the league in W-L pct. I've always seen the Whales mentioned as the pennant winner.

    For other seasons when the pennant race was affected by a team or teams falling short of 154(or whatever) decisions, see this article:


  7. @6, Matt -- Cool, my first factual error on the new site! What a relief to get that out of the way.

    Now that we’re off Baseball-Reference, I feel better about hammering their inability to post an accurate standings table on those occasions when “GB” clashes with “W%”.

    B-R’s standings for the 1915 Federal League shows St. Louis on top and in bold, as well as showing St. Louis as “1st” and Chicago as “2nd” on their respective team pages, even though Chicago is universally acknowledged as the pennant winner due to their higher W%.

  8. John, in my comment #1 I probably should have said "Indianapolis Hoosiers," for two reasons: First, they won the FL in 1914, and second, they'd never had major-league baseball before. (Then again, the Hoosiers had to pack up and move to Newark for the next season, so I don't want to extend the Indy analogy too far, either.)

    But the point of Christmas 1913 is that, for a fan of the brand-new Fed League, it's the same kind of "step into the great unknown" as this blog. We know we have a team, but that's all we know. Who will the players be? Whom will we sign? What's this new thing going to be like?