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Felipe Alou really did bring in a ton of lefty relievers

Posted by Andy
Earlier today a reader mentioned Mike Krukow's comment referring to Felipe Alou's common use of left-handed relievers.

I decided to check into the veracity of this claim...
Alou managed the Giants from 2003 to 2006. Over those 4 seasons, there were a total of 15,041 times that a left-handed reliever was brought into a game. I took that data over to Excel and found that the Giants were responsible for 707 of these games. With 30 teams, a team should have averaged about 501 such games. In fact, the Giants had the most left-handed relief appearances over that period. Next were the Rockies with 675 and the Orioles with 670.

Interestingly, the Angels had by far the fewest such appearances with just 148.

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