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Bobby Valentine to the Red Sox? We knew it months ago.

Posted by Andy
Pete Abraham reports that the Red Sox are talking to Bobby Valentine about their managerial job and that Bobby V is interested.

Now, those of you who have been reading my stuff for a while know that I make a lot of predictions, and sometimes those predictions are wrong. (You get 50 bonus point if the phrase "Phillies are done" just went through your head.)

But check out the following excerpts from chat sessions I had with Neil Paine:

September 30, 2011 (editor's note--this was the day that Francona was called to Fenway Park to meet with ownership, shortly after his team's season ended.)

9:37 AM me: Francona release just announced
  on the way into the meeting, Francona confirmed he has been told he is no longer manager
9:38 AM Neil: It's a shame
  I guess somebody had to take the fall
9:39 AM me: Jon Heyman is reporting it but I cant find where
  Heyman also reports that Francona is NOT the top candidate for the White Sox

9:53 AM 
me: Red Sox just issued a press release
They are calling the way the team played in September a Fran"coma"
 Neil: Har har
9:54 AM me: Kyle Lohse starting Game 1
  krazy kyle!
10:02 AM me: funny that the White Sox got two players from the Marlins for Ozzie Guillen
I would have insisted they take Dunn with Guillen
10:05 AM Neil: They never would have taken that deal
 me: no $%#&
10:09 AM here's my pick for new red sox manager
10:10 AM Neil: laf
10:12 AM me: i am actually serious
10:13 AM ok so now it's being reported that before the meeting Francona said he HAD NOT been let go
10:14 AM wait
  did somebody from the red sox yesterday say it wasn't god's plan for them to make the playoffs?
10:15 AM Neil: Didn't hear that one
  Always a good excuse to bust out, though
  Something bad happens? Meh, wasn't in god's plans
October 12, 2011 (editor's note--a couple of weeks later, we were discussing the compensation from the Cubs to the Red Sox in exchange for Theo Epstein.)

9:19 AM  me: I wonder about the possibility of Zambrano
9:20 AM although the reports say it will be minor leaguers or cash
  but moving Zambrano to the Red Sox could make sense for boh teams
  would you be excited for Zambrano as a RS fan?
9:22 AM Neil: Meh, he's past his prime, incredibly expensive, and an even bigger $%#^ than Lackey
9:23 AM me: Do you really think he's a bigger $%^#?
  at least he's upset about on-field stuff
9:24 AM Neil: I'll give you that one. But the point is, if locker-room problems were plaguing this team, Zambrano isn't the guy to bring in
9:27 AM me: btw i still say Bobby Valentine gets the job
  i wonder who as GM though
9:30 AM Neil: Will Valentine buy into sabermetrics like Tito did, or just give lip service like Grady? From his broadcasting, I'm saying the latter
 me: that's more of a question for the new GM i think
  i wonder if they will go after Beane
9:31 AM Neil: I read that Theo's assistant has the inside track
9:32 AM Neil :Ben Cherington

So there you have it...we knew a while back! Now let's see if it actually happens.

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