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Ryan Braun wins the NL MVP

Posted by Andy
Ryan Braun has won the NL MVP in a landslide over Matt Kemp.

I'm a bit shocked based on just how valuable Kemp was in Wins Above Replacement:

WAR Position Players
1. Kemp (LAD) 10.0
2. Braun (MIL) 7.7
3. Votto (CIN) 6.5
4. Sandoval (SFG) 6.1
5. Tulowitzki (COL) 5.8
        Reyes (NYM) 5.8
7. Stanton (FLA) 5.7
8. McCutchen (PIT) 5.5
9. Pujols (STL) 5.4
10. Fielder (MIL) 5.2
        Berkman (STL) 5.2
        Pence (2TM) 5.2

Clearly the voters took team performance into account, for better or worse.

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